The Famous Lines of Butchoy & Cacai

Är alldeles för jetlaggad för att orka med ett riktigt inlägg just nu, skriver mer om resan senare!^^

- And remember: Transformers sucks!

- The Jollibee-dance! Isa pa, isa pa.

- Who's that pokémon?

- We're almost here!

- Jump-shot! Isa pa!

- Tanduay ice, Tanduay ice!

- You hungry? Let's eat.

- I'm hungry, let's eat.

- At the bar we dance, drink and eat.

- He's Butchoy's ex, that guy too. And that one, or no he's my ex.

- We are the Survivors of Ngak Ngak!

- They we're only worried about the camera...

- We're not immature, we're just gay!

- Here comes a big wave!, boring.

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