a poem

You don't know, too shy to tell
It's a secret and it's mine as well
And yes, everything I say is true
This poem really is about you
I won't lie, It's not worth it
But it is pretty hard to actually admit
My heart, only for you it beats
And only your words, my life completes

© Cecilia Pettersson, 10-04-16

Engla kommenterade:

haha xD men snackar ni tagalog elr? ^^

2010-04-16 | 21:10:27
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Engla kommenterade:

men det gör vi också ;P haha snackar besaya ^^ (vesaya) haha gör ingen skillnad mellan b ochv ibland när morsan snackar xD

2010-04-16 | 22:13:17
Blogg: http://englakoren.blogg.se/

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